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Dangerous libraries

Our council library is turning out to be a dangerous place. Not just for my arms and wallet, but also for the rapidly-running-out-of-space in what I thought was a spacious house.

Mr R and I went to the ‘Big Non-fiction Sale’ two weekends ago. Each book was 50p or 3 books for a pound. Fiction books were £1 for a bag (fill as many as you can).

Between the two of us, we ended up with fifteen books. Not a lot you might say, but more than we already have space for. The treasures we picked up: books on painting (oils and pastels), sheet music (four hard bound books which would otherwise have cost a small fortune to buy) and other stuff. I picked up 3 fiction books with the intention of reading then Bookcrossing.

That was 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday I went back to the library to pick up a book for Mr R. There were new books on sale in the foyer. The temptation was just too much. Space problems be dammed, I thought. We’ll buy a bigger house (yeah, right.) Or give away some of our older books (ha!). Or use the garage as storage (hmmm.)

All books were on offer for a £1 a bag this time. Rather, a basket. One of those plastic ones that you get in some supermarkets. Those hold more books than a bag for sure.

I ended up with:

1. A book on Barcelona (on our To-do list)
2. A book on Paris (definitely on our To-do list)
3. Photoshop in easy steps
4. Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ – Love this book; it’s the only one of King’s that I’ve managed to ever finish. Very good book for writers.
5. A book on Walks in the Chiltern Hills (in our backyard).
6-8. Three beautiful hard bound books (Beyond the horizon / The heartland of Asia / God, Gold and Glory)
– And a couple of magazines (2 interiors and one women’s magazines that I could use to study and submit articles to.)

I’ll stay away from the library for some time now, I think.


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