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Inspired about Interiors

Reading an interiors magazine always puts me into a get up-clear the clutter-rearrange furniture kind of mood. It makes my fingers itch to clean and tidy up, and I have no complaints on that account.

I love decorating. And that’s an understatement. I have often asked myself this question and have been surprised by the answer – I would perhaps enjoy interiors more as a career option than writing. There, I’ve said it. Writing is what I live for. I breathe words and my brain is constantly occupied with them. There is a joy in seeing your byline in print that is not rivalled by much else. But I feel an equal, if not greater sense of pleasure when I’ve done a bit of decorating and find it to my satisfaction.
I can spend hours poring over interiors magazines (living in the UK has exposed me to a wealth of titles focusing on every possible aspect of the trade). I look at trends and see how I can use it. Every picture I look at gives me ideas – not just for my home here, but for my maternal home in Mumbai, Mr.R’s home in Goa or any of my relatives/friends homes too!!!
One of my favorite sayings is that ‘There’s always scope for improvement’. My curse is that I can ‘see’ the possibilities. I can visualise clearly how a room will look like with a touch of color, a change of seating arrangement, the addition of a lush plant. It’s maddening, because it’s not always within my reach. Not just budgetary constraints, but mostly because it’s someone else’s house I’m re-decorating in my mind!!
Maybe I can marry the two worlds by writing about interiors…

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