A bookcrosser’s day out in London

A rare week-day spent in London provided me the perfect opportunity to release two books into the wild. Bookcrossers (and readers of this blog) will be familiar with the bookcrossing concept where you leave books in the ‘wild’ for other people to find, read and then repeat the process.

I left one book on the Bakerloo line and another on the train just before I got off. Will keep my fingers crossed that some book-lover found my books and will report them on the bookcrossing site!


3 comments on “A bookcrosser’s day out in London

  1. It wasn’t me! I am always looking out for these books and have never EVER spotted one. Tch!

  2. Cant bear to part with any of my books…

    But I’m curious – how do you know anyone will pick up yours and not just dump them in the bin? I mean, do you leave a notice on to say that this is a “Book crossing” book, please dont throw it away?

  3. Hi Shyam:
    Each book goes with a label either on the cover, spine or inside first page that clearly states that this is a FREE book. Lots of label designs are available free on the bookcrossing website to download and print.

    I try not to leave books close to bins – trains in London are the best place as people tend to leave their newspapers etc for others to read and books seem a natural extension. Phone booths are another good place, but there one has to watch out for bins close-by and choose accordingly.

    I hate giving away my own books too. This lot that I’ve been distributing are from excess stock that my boss’ son threw out. I read/kept what I wanted and am giving away the rest 🙂

    If this interests you, go to http://www.bookcrossing.com. You can even look for books you want and request them 🙂


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