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Freecycle it!

Spring brings to mind spring-cleaning. While my usually spotless house doesn’t require much of it (hah!), we did have a few odds and ends that just needed to be disposed of.

One such pile was of those flat packed cardboard boxes that you need when you move house. When we moved home in 2005, our movers provided us with these 2 dozen or so boxes. They’ve been lying in the garage, cluttering up space.

I finally put them up on freecycle. If you haven’t heard of it, read about it here.

Anyway, within minutes of sending my email into cyberspace, I got six replies (why aren’t people at work?!). I offered the boxes to the first respondent and he’s just carted them away.

That’s my good deed for the day done. Boxes recycled, environment protected, somebody helped. All at no cost to us.

Well done, MW (pat on the back here).

If you are in the mood for spring cleaning, visit www.realsimple.com. They’ve got some great tips and ideas for every corner of the house.


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