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Driving Lesson – 5

We took it a bit easy today and stayed off the hills. I wanted to focus on gear changing and being able to move off smoothly without stalling. That was done successfully, for the most part (I think).

It was pointed out that I have a tendency to move towards the middle of the road – right onto oncoming traffic. Perhaps I have a death wish, I joked. I’ve been asked to avoid looking at the white lines in the middle of the road – I seem to be captivated by them!!

‘One drives into what one is looking at’, my instructor says. So I’ve got to look ahead, into the distance, while keeping an eye on the kerb at the same time.

We tackled roundabouts today. It wasn’t too hard – except I *forgot* about one completely!! Funny how that works – I *know* that there’s a roundabout and I’m meant to wait, but my brain freezes over and (good thing I had right of way) I carry on. Also good thing that nobody else was in a tearing hurry.

It’s too much to concentrate on all at once. I bet my instructor’s relieved that she’s rid of me for a week 🙂

Well, back to those queries and submissions. Four queries have gone out this morning to various publications including some big names that I’m tackling for the first time. I hope they come back positive.

I need all the success I can get so I can hire that driver (ha, ha!)


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