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Remembering ‘Black Friday’

Taks post on the ‘Black Friday’ anniversary brought back some forgotten memories.

I remember that day vividly too. I was in college and we got the news that ‘something’ had happened and we should try and get home asap. Nobody had a clue, but we heard that transport was disrupted.

That, for MW’s, is a clue that something is seriously wrong. Nothing disrupts public transport unless it is a disaster – man made or otherwise.

So off we went. Having been told to avoid trains for some reason, we looked for a bus. From Xaviers at Dhobi Talao, we walked to Churchgate. No buses. Whatever was going by, was full of hanging people. In the middle of the working day, that is unusual.

The panic in the general public was evident by then. Some of us managed to get onto a bus which took us upto Dadar, I think. I can’t remember what we did after that – probably took another bus to get up to Chembur.

I still have the newspaper cutting from March 13. It’s not a day I can forget easily.

I believe there’s a movie out to commemorate the anniversary. It must be good – it got my mum into a theatre after god-knows-how-many-years.


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