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Driving Lesson – 3

The hills are alive…

My instructor bravely decided it was time to tackle these 90 degree slopes today. So there we were – uphill, downhill, watch out for parked cars, watch out for pedestrians, keep an eye out for oncoming cars and oh! don’t forget about traffic behind you!! And all the while remember which gear you’re meant to be in, listen to the engine, and memorise the sequence of events (Important! Mental kick here)

In the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought it (hill driving) would be. But then it helped having a voice constantly tell me what to do.


I’m going to make lots of money with my writing and then get a driver.

Till then, lesson no 4 next week.


One comment on “Driving Lesson – 3

  1. Ah, a fellow sufferer! Bet you won’t be doing half as badly as me, though! I started my lessons two years back and came back home just now, after my gazillionth lesson! End isn’t in sight yet!
    PS: have failed two test attempts till date! 😦

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