Driving Lesson-2

Lesson no. 2 involved a lot of starting, stopping and floating to the white line at the end of the road using clutch control. No accidents caused or petrified motorists glaring at me (yet).

What was not easy was trying to remember the sequence of events (a dozen acronyms to remember – POM (Prepare Observe Move), MSM (Mirror Signal Manoeuvre), remember to signal, turn the wheel, stay within your lane, be alert to parked cars, oncoming traffic and other hazards and (!) manage to turn at the same time. It was not too hard with my wonderful instructor softly instructing me at every step.
What I find hard is keeping the pavement in view and keeping the car close to it. I tend to veer too far from the kerb and into the middle of the road. But that will also come. It will.
The instructor bravely let me drive half way home, down a steep hill (whee!) and in regular traffic. It’s a good thing she has her own set of clutch and brakes!
Lesson 2 ended with a discussion about Indian men and how hard it is for a woman pedestrian in India. Don’t ask how we got to that subject!
Lesson 3, next Monday, same time.

2 comments on “Driving Lesson-2

  1. I need to get around to taking the test here. I absolutely love driving, but I hear the test here is quite a nightmare.

  2. “No petrified motorists glaring at me (yet)” … Hmmm … on saturday, the men and machines of the City of Westminster wiped out all trace of the rally from the street.
    And then on Monday, your funtastik driving skills “wiped out all trace of traffic from the streets” – hey, I didn’t say this – it was written in the latest METRO newspaper 😉
    Have fun 🙂 … and do keep posting more updates about these lessons

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