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Chola bronzes and a Peace Rally

Mr R and I finally got around to seeing the Chola exhibition at the RAA on Saturday. It was exquisite. The thousand year old bronzes were intricately carved and seemed almost alive. The sense of movement and grace is palpable in most of them. One could gaze at some of them forever!

A detailed review is on Shoefiend’s blog. It was well worth a visit. If you missed it, pity.

Because we went on the last 2 days, we even got this magnificient book for £2.95 (original price £18.00)

Coming out of the exhibition, we were confronted with a zillion protestors walking towards Picadilly Circus towards Trafalgar Square. Non-Londoners that we are, we were not aware of the Stop-the-War-coalition rally scheduled for Saturday. What a sight that was. An estimated 100,000 people marched holding anti-war/Bush/Blair posters. The banners declared how far they had come from – Leeds, Birmingham, Hackney. The marchers were an eclectic bunch – remnants from the sixties, the Hare-Krishna crowd, students, punks (with a police escort), women in niqabs and Asian men with ‘Freedom for Kashmir’ banners.

Mr R had a field day with his SLR. Here are some snapshots:


One comment on “Chola bronzes and a Peace Rally

  1. It was a very interesting exhibition. I had gone sometime back, sadly the book was too expensive then.

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