Driving Lesson-1

Just had my first driving lesson and I’m relieved to report that it was uneventful.

Most things came back to me as the hour progressed . The instructor was a zillion times more patient, funnier and kinder than that lecherous imbecile who taught me back home! That nice-ness helped when it came to driving within lanes, signalling or trying not to worry about cars patiently waiting behind me at a junction. As the instructor said – they all have been in that same place before, so there’s no pressure – don’t worry about them. A far cry from any honking and swearing I would have got back home 🙂

Anyway, Lesson 2 booked for next Monday same time. Fingers crossed.

Let’s hope this is more of a refresher course than a full fledged learner’s course. (Just think of all that I could have bought with the price I pay for each lesson…)


3 comments on “Driving Lesson-1

  1. that lecherous imbecile who taught me back home! ” … woah … i can partly understand how you must have felt back home. the driving-instructor there is least interested in what you learn … he just wants that lesson to be done with for the day. and the people in the other cars – they are always waiting for the slightest provocation to show their tune-making talents on their horns !
    anyway, all the best ! hope you progress from ‘L’ to ‘Pakka’ license very soon.

  2. My ‘instructor’ back home needed to tap my thigh when he wanted to tell me to use the clutch /brake/accelerator. So much for hands-free!

    Because I was younger (and already had a reputation for being hot-tempered), I kept quiet telling myself not to over-react. Now I would have ‘had words’ with him and found someone else…

  3. oh yeah … your instructor sure was lecherous ! I am sure that instructor will rot & burn in the depths of hell for his acts, if he is not already there by now !
    sorry if this comment seems too harsh, but after reading your reply this is the most decent thing that guy deserves.
    pls feel free to delete this comment if it is tarnishing your nice blog

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