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A weekend without Mr.R

I miss Mr.R.

For the first time since I’ve moved to England,Mr R is spending the weekend away from home. His orchestra is recording their first CD at the Yehudi Menuhin school in Surrey. The recording takes place over two full days – I’ve elected to stay at home, although I was invited to come along.

So I spent the morning drawing up an elaborate timetable for today and tomorrow – determined not to waste any time in front of the telly or aimless surfing on the internet. I promised myself a few writing goals, a clean house, a long bath.

It’s just past 10:30pm now. I’ve done a bit of writing related work, but not as much asI would have liked. TV can be a horrible time drainer. The sound of another human being’s voice lured me into staring at the idiot box.

Tomorrow, I’ve promised myself – church, then shopping. I need to get out of the house, see some ‘real’ people, detach my fingers from the keyboard. May today’s sunshine still hold.


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