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It’s a White day

The scene this morning at 7.30 The weather forecast was spot-on.

We’re snowed under 5 inches of snow today and it’s still snowing. Thick white flakes fall steadily; the density and pace remind me of ash raining down.

Cars have slowed to a crawl on our hill and schools were closed. I can hear the elated whoops of kids as they have a day out, walking down the hill.

Mr R goes to workMr.R’s surgery called early to ask him not to drive to work. He’s had to walk today, poor thing. The slippery, slush filled roads and pavements will be a treacherous path, as commuters navigate the snow without support. White cherry blossom tree

I’ve taken the day off and closed the office as well. I should do something constructive like catching up with my query challenge or cleaning the house!

Mr R built a snowman in the garden, but I swear it looked more like one of those modern Ganesh statutes that you see all over the place!


One comment on “It’s a White day

  1. Nice pics
    … but wheres the photo of R’s snowman ? Don’t even think about saying that you did not take its pic šŸ™‚

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