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Hateful world

A few days ago, an e-friend from a writing forum posted this to explain her absence :

I’m sorry I haven’t reported in. Something is disturbing me deeply… random violence against my Bangladeshi friends. Tonight on the news they reported that a Bangladeshi chef – my boyfriend’s ethnic background and profession – was mugged and stabbed to death in a nearby suburb. This is a few days after our upstairs neighbor, also Bangladeshi, was badly beaten and mugged near the bus stop in our own town. He was beaten so bad that his face was unrecognizable, and he had to be taken to the hospital. This was about two weeks after another upstairs neighbor – Bangladeshi, as well – was beaten and mugged, also needing emergency room care for his jaw. I’ll be writing about this and submitting to local papers – and if I’m not heard, I will send again and again without worry if I’m bothering the editors or not…

You’ll be forgiven for thinking this was the work of some yobs in the UK or trouble makers in the bylanes of India. Actually, this happened in NSW,Australia.

Is there any corner of this planet that is not filled with hate?


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