Making (another) move

It’s fifteen days since Mr R and I returned to the UK after spending Christmas and NY in Mumbai/Goa.

We began the process of moving house the day after we got back. I thought moving this time around would be easy. After last times cross-country move, how bad could this one get – moving from the second floor to the first?

We began with the books – a few tons of them. That process took the better part of a week. Every day after work was done, we began again. Running between two floors, taking arm-loads of clothes, CD’s and crockery. How much rubbish one collects in 22 months!

Baby bro turned up one Sunday during a flight rest-day to help. Thanks to him we managed to haul my suitcase, kitchen items and other odds and ends.

Then the landlord turned up a day earlier than promised. It was a scramble to finish and move out!

In the end, we’re trying to familiarise ourselves with this new place. It’s a mirror image of the old one and we (I) keep bumping into walls, reaching for door knobs the wrong side, looking for things where they no longer are. Most of our stuff has been sorted out and is atleast in the room it’s meant to be – we can’t find an orange notebook which used to be by the phone. Wonder where that went!

On the plus side, we have a little more space (an extra study), a cream carpet (as opposed to moss green) and our furniture will be what we ordered.

What I’m looking forward to is warmer weather – our house opens out directly into the communal gardens.

If I thought this move was going to be easy , I take my words back. Give me moving day, a couple of strong movers and labelled boxes – now that’s easy!

Moving Utilities
Here’s expert advice on how the various providers deal with a home move request:

Thames Water, Southern Electric and British Gas were fairly efficient and quick about the change of information. The British Gas guy sulked a bit on learning that the new flat was supplied by Southern Electric and tried to convince me to change over.

BT was informed to disconnect the old phone line and reconnect the new one on the 15th, which they did.

Aol was told about the change for the broadband. The connection worked in the new house for 2 days and then… Contacting AOL was another hassle. After long periods on hold, I was able to convince Sam (somebody back home) that we had a problem and he gave me a BT number to use (dial-up) while our broadband was being sorted out.

Sky – ooof. The worst of the lot. They were informed of the change before we left for India. We told them that we’d be back on the 6th of Jan and could they send someone on the 7th to shift the connection. Coming back, we find a letter saying that an engineer would come on the 31st of Dec!! Then, on the 7th, someone does turn up but we are not prepared for him. He asks us to re-book, which we do, for the 15th. On the 15th, I stay at home, by the phone, waiting for them to call and turn up. Till 5.30, no one does. In the meantime, I’ve lost a day’s earnings, wasted time that I could have used to move stuff downstairs and have held up the phone.

Calling Sky, I’m told that the next available slot is for Feb 1!! The girl on the other end (all of Sky’s call centres seem to be in Scotland) apologises and says that she will try for an early date and will send a confirmation in the post within 48 hours.

It is now a week since that call. I don’t have the time or the energy to make a call and be put on hold after pressing a zillion options. But it will have to be done.

Moral of the story: Next time, sort out the Sky first.

Advantage : More time to watch older stuff, read, clean the house and put things by!


2 comments on “Making (another) move

  1. God I hate moving.No one ever comes when they say they will. Or they refuse to fix a date.

  2. Congrats on the “new home” … & u have an extra study … thats good.
    All said & done, moving in UK is anyday a 100 times better than current situation in Mumbai/India (with time, things will improve there too) … BT, Virgin.Net, Southern Electric, Thames-Water – they all had been so prompt and easy when I moved 🙂
    Of course the only “sky” that I had at that time was the dark, gloomy one that I could see from my window – in your case ‘the SKY is the limit! ‘ 🙂

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