Annual Review 2006

Carrying on from last year’s tradition, here’s a quick update on what life was like in 2006.

Januaryrecovered from Xmas and NY in India. Saw an exhibition on China: The Three emperors at the RAA

FebruaryEnjoyed Swan Lake, had a weekend trip to Leeds (it’s really far!), and took part in a Red Kite country walk.

March – Participated in the Blank Noise ‘Blog-a-thon’ which brought back a lot of unsavoury memories. Instead of getting upset, used them to write an essay for an anthology which has now been accepted for publication. Attended a tribute to Menuhin at the Barbican, saw a fantastic performance of Giselle, heard Tasmin Little perform locally. Tried to get tickets to Zakir Hussain’s ‘Remembering Shakti’ at the Barbican but it was completely sold out.

April – Spent Easter in Rome and loved every minute of it. A lovely city and I’d love to go back. Enjoyed a ride on a steam train locally.

May – A few weeks in India again was followed by a bank holiday weekend in Salzburg.

June– Enjoyed the open air Opera in Trafalgar square, and had my debut in Parliament. Took a look at Mme Tussauds, Stonehenge and Salisbury.

July – It was Prom time once again – we saw the Queen close up at the Albert Hall, Mr R sung as part of a Prommer’s choir and we heard some fantastic performances. Then there were bombings in Mumbai and a blockade was put on blogs by some enthusiastic babu’s. Mr R had a birthday and I gifted him a flight lesson. I got to go along too! Also succesfully took part in my first ever road race in the UK and completed it!

AugustBought over 40 books in various book sales, fairs and shops. A similarily high number were read and returned to the library. My second full page article in the local newspaper was published and we spent the summer bank holiday weekend in Verona where we saw an out-of-this-world performance of Aida. Airport terror caused national media and police to descend on our town as some local residents were suspected to be terrorists.

September – The Proms ended, we saw Ken Hom in action, Steve Irwin died, tango lessons began. Saw a funny performance of ‘Pirates of Penzance’.

October – Got to see my first football match in the UK, visited the fascinating Velazquez exhibition at the National Gallery, and saw the Cezanne exhibits the same day.

November – A month of two big publishing credits: an essay sold to CSM for $150 and I was published in Woman’s Era. I had my second official visit to Westminster. J&A had their first baby, a girl called Anna-Nicola. Saw ‘Madame Butterfly’, went to a concert that Mr R played in, took part in the church quiz (and lost), and attended my first funeral in the UK.

December – Mr R sang in the local theatre as part of the annual Mayor Christmas Carol Concert; H&F had their first child, a boy; went out for a Xmas dinner with my running group.


9 comments on “Annual Review 2006

  1. Happy birday!! treehugger

  2. Nice post … and great idea of putting up an annual “list of posts, events”.

  3. I guess time-travel is finally possible now 🙂 … I am reading a post from Dec 31st, 2006 – 2 weeks into the future.

    Hurrah … the time-machine works !

  4. Hey Taks

    Thanks for all the comments!

    I’m not likely to have time to post in the next few weeks with all the festivities and all, hence the 31st Dec post 🙂 Wish time-machines were really around…

  5. 🙂 Looks like you’ve had an amazing year! Hope 2007 surpasses this one! (And yay finally I can comment)

  6. What a lovely roundup. Hope next year is as eventful and promising as this one!

  7. Sounds like a great year. Hope the next one is even more fun.

  8. lovely roundup! Happy New Year MW…

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