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100 words

A post on Shoefie’s blog led me to 100words.net.

I’ve signed up and I’m supposed to be starting my 100 words on Jan 1.

That should be a lesson in condensed writing!

Just for practice

My 100 for today:
Christmas fever is catching up. At work, cards are being signed, envelopes labelled, printouts of photographs taken. I completed editing the Christmas newsletter and had it ready. Lots of cute babies on all pages.

Mr R and I went shopping after that. It was cold. We picked our usual books and videos, even though we had not set out to do so. It’s a good thing we’re moving home soon.

Talking about moving, we had someone from the Swedish Army come and look at our flat yesterday. He taught us to say ‘God Jul’ for ‘Merry Christmas’. He was funny.


One comment on “100 words

  1. Talking about moving … are you guys moving from a flat to a new proper ‘house’ that you bought? wow, that is good news i suppose !
    … and, hope you dont mind my asking … kya karen, doosron ke baaton me tang adaane ki aadat bachpan se jo hai !


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