Day of Thanks Giving

It’s now merely 22 months since I’ve moved to England and 18 since I’ve begun working here. Since then I’ve achieved more than I had in the ten years that I worked in India (same job 1994-2004).

We’re frowned upon if we brag about ourselves. But today, I’m feeling especially proud of what I’ve done these past 18 months. As I sat in that hall today in Westminster with other delegates, most of them Chairmen, CEO’s and other top executives of various charities, I thought about how far I had come.

In merely eighteen months, I am now in the middle of attempting to change policies that will have an impact on the lives of thousands of disabled people and their families. My every day work has an impact on new parents and families across the UK. And it’s a great feeling to know that there are people I’ve never met who look forward to my email or the newsletters I edit.

And plus, my writing career’s really shaping up too…

Working in the UK, I have found, has allowed me to … thrive. Yes, that’s the word.

I was (very) lucky to find work doing something that I have grown to enjoy so much that I’m now putting together information on how charities in India can benefit from the organised structure here. That’s the level of enthusiasm this job has generated in me. It’s a rare feeling, I tell you!

I hopped on a train again today. I had to leave 2 trains before I could squeeze into the third. It was crowded here too. Like everybody else, I waited patiently (and quietly). As trains came in and pulled out, we moved ahead in the line, closer to the yellow line. Time was a-ticking, but it wasn’t stressful. We knew that there was another train coming along soon. And nobody else was agitated or irritated; that helped too.

I know one can’t possibly compare Mumbai train travel with the tube here. I’m just grateful to have used both and to be able to count my blessings for being able to travel in one v/s the other.

It’s Thanksgiving today and while the turkey gets a respite, I too thank God for giving me a new lease of life and a reason to wake up each morning with optimism and enthusiasm.


4 comments on “Day of Thanks Giving

  1. Congratulations! I too feel I have done much more in just 4.5 years of being here compared to the 4 working years I had in India before this…the opportunities to grow in responsibility and work on initiative has been marvellous….

  2. [30in2005] Thanks! There’s something about the work culture here that allows you to grow without being limited by your ‘designation’ or by ‘seniority’ lists.

    I’m just grateful for the opportunity to do do the best I can, without beauracracy getting in the way!

  3. Thats so encouraging ..for whenever I start working.

    Very impressed that you’re designing policies along with CEO’s.

  4. Would like to know more about working in NGOs. Could you give me your email ID?



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