A quick Brag

A quick note to toot my own horn

I’ve been published in Woman’s Era. A cheque for Rs.200 was sent to my home in Mumbai. Apparently an article has appeared in the ‘Incident I cannot forget’ section.

The only one ever submitted to WE was on the turning point in school which made me take up writing seriously. I’m guessing that was the one.

If any of you are WE readers, do let me know if you’ve read something lately about an ‘Autobiography of a Pencil’.


7 comments on “A quick Brag

  1. Congratulations!


  2. Very cool! Keep it nicely. On our last trip home, my grand mother took out old yellowed magazines with her and my mothers articles. It felt so special.

  3. Thanks, Pea. This makes it my,ummm, 81st published poem/article đŸ™‚

  4. Wow … Impressive! Hope you have a scrap book of sorts to see when you’re 81!

  5. Hi Pea

    81…that’s not too far away…

  6. I used to occasionally hide and read WE when I was in my teens… and I have no idea why! But congrats….

  7. No writer should have this dilemma of conscience, but I’ve got some pangs now.

    I wouldn’t be caught dead reading WE or having a copy in my possession. I hate all that the magazine stands for and the tone that it takes. It’s so…saas-bahu. I’m not making myself clear…

    The article was sent to them on a lark, never expecting it to be published. But they did. And even better, they paid.

    I’m consoling myself that atleast my words were not about ‘how to keep your husband happy’ or ‘be your M-I-L’s best friend’ type of story.

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