Weekend tales

Has the weekend been here yet?

Ooof. It’s been a hectic few days. Monday’s already come and gone and I’m still waiting for last Friday. How did that happen?

Friday, precious Friday, was taken over by a funeral. The rest of the day just went by.

Saturday saw my inaugural football match. Nobody told me football would be so tiring. Just watching it! Mr R & I had tickets to see Fulham v/s Wigan Athletic at the Fulham stadium. The match itself wasn’t anything great, but the crowd! What entertainment just watching the Fulham side go beserk, especially toward the end! Mr R got caught up in the excitement and pretended to care deeply about cheering the home team on. The look on everybody’s faces as Fulham lost to Wigan 0-1 was worth watching.

The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. If it’s like this for a ‘small’ match, wonder what it’ll be like for one of the bigger matches?

Only one way to find out…

Yesterday was spent at the National Gallery watching the splendid Velazquez exhibition, followed by Cezanne in Britian. Both were wonderful and are highly recommended.
Go see it now!
Monday evening : Mr R and I are back from a tango lesson. We’ve just learnt how to do the ‘carousel’, which involves me(!) being turned around gently on one foot. What fun.

2 comments on “Weekend tales

  1. Am waiting to go for my first football match. Not that I am a big fan – but as you described.. want to be part of excited audience.

    Tango .. ‘carousel’..sounds fun.

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