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Reincarnation of Unkymoods

Remember Unkymoods?

I was (very) sad when the website disappeared sometime last year, without a trace. Without those lovable pencil drawn faces, I felt at a loss to describe what I was feeling at any given moment. Unkymoods saved me the trouble of writing down every little thing. And it was sad to not have it around.

Well, it’s back! In a new avataar, Unkymoods is now – Punkymoods! Ta da!

*Happiness all around*

Tuesdays are busy days – the worst of the week is now behind us. The 3 mile run is over. It’s late and I’m exhausted, but not sleepy. I’m all Wired. I could write all night.

(But I won’t)

The link to Punkymoods is http://www.punkymoods.com/. Enjoy!


One comment on “Reincarnation of Unkymoods

  1. Nice new template. Shall check out punkymoods later…..

    Hope you had a good diwali!

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