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‘Outlook’ not so good

As the title suggests, I’m having trouble with my outlook. No, not that one (although Mr R may disagree), but the one that is supplied by Gates and co.

If you have a clue (and don’t refer me to Microsoft’s knowledge base – been there, done that), let me know.

The Problem : For the past three days (since Monday), I’ve had the ‘Enter Network Password’ popup box come up repeatedly every few minutes, even though the password has been saved. Since then, I have tried every trick in the book (and then some) to get it to go away.

A quick search on Google shows that zillions of people have had this problem ever since Outlook was invented, but there’s no one solution – not even MS can recommend one that works.

So I’ve tried
a) changing passwords
b) deleting sub-accounts
c) editing the Registry (dangerous, but done)
d) having just one email being checked
e) Slapping the CPU
f) Restarting the wireless router
g) changing the send/receive options as recommended elsewhere
f) Deleting and adding the accounts again

I’ve now resorted to forwarding mail from one account to another, so I now log on to Explorer and just check one account instead of logging in and out. It’s not an easy life.

If you can help, please do!

And yes, I’m on Win XP with Outlook 2002 accessing the net on btinternet through broadband on LAN.


PS: I tried the settings on the home laptop and had the same trouble. Could be a problem with btinternet, but the same settings work on a colleague’s PC at work…



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