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An update on August and September

There are some days when you can just not be bothered with blogging. The last few weeks have been full of days like these. Too many things happening, too many demands on your time – and the words stay relegated to little notebooks and neurons bending under the weight.

It’s 10:22 pm as I write now, waiting for Mr R to come back from a meeting/dinner. I’ve just finished reading a book in one breathless gulp – devoured it like I do with a bar of Bounty. I should be tidying the house instead, tucking away clothes and putting papers into neat piles. For Baby brother comes to visit tomorrow.

But I can’t be bothered. This is one of those fluffy books which has turned out to be a I-want-to-know-what-happens-on-the-next-page kind of books. And I feel sad that I’ve already finished it. Surely it can’t end yet?

August and September have been a whirlwind of sorts. Summer’s faded away fast. The leaves are still on the trees, holding on as if they are not sure if they want to fall. The neighbor’s have put their barbecue back in ages ago, safely tucked in till next July – that, really, was the first sign that summer was on its way out.

Mr R and I made a 3 day trip to Verona over the bank holiday. That was a lovely trip, unhurried, relaxed. Trips to small cities are great – you can see a lot more at a more even pace.

What else has been happening?

Mmm. Things are busy at work as the charity is suddenly called upon to comment on developments in Eastenders as two characters have a baby with Down’s syndrome. I almost did a radio interview on Thursday but was relieved to find a parent who could talk instead. Then there’s talk of a pay raise if I can get some grants in by the year end. No better motivation required!

I’ve read SO many books in the past few weeks that my head spins if I stop to take stock. Right now, I’ve got about 10 books from the library on the TBR pile, plus about a dozen more of our own. There’s not enough hours in the day…

Somehow, I’m looking forward to the leaves changing color – russet, brown, plum. Then slowly they will begin to fall, dusting pavements with streaks of brown, often slimy in the constant drizzle. I look forward to seeing the machines back on the pavements, gulping down fallen leaves effortlessly, leaving the sidewalks spotless for a brief moment, before the next leaf falls.

Every season has its own magic. Autumn and Spring are my favorites.

It’s time to hibernate.


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