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What a Catch!

Funnily enough for a Saturday afternoon in August, the tube wasn’t that crowded.

Getting on at Marylebone, we got a place to sit immediately. Mr R thumbed through a magazine he found a few seats away – specifically for Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans. Strange combination, I said to Mr R. He had something smart and witty to say about that – if only I could remember it now.

I had a book in my bag that I was itching to leave behind. This bookcrossing thing is crazy. You carry a book with you for days – eyes peeled for a suitable location to leave it. You hope you can leave it and elegantly walk away, without a hassled tourist or a punk running behind you trying to tell you that you forgot your book. It’s happened before, you know.

Anyway, this time, the tube held hope. As usual, everybody got off at Oxford Circus, the prospect of shopping bags rapidly filling reflecting in the sunglasses perched on various colored heads. Mr R and I stayed on. We had one more stop to go.

A couple got on – tourists, you could tell. I didn’t want them to ‘catch’ my book – it would be ages before they reported it, if at all. Oh, please, please, I prayed, why can’t you send me a Londoner?

At Picadilly Circus, amid reminders to Mind The Gap, Mr R and I disembarked. The tourist couple got off before us. It was a chance I could not miss. Like lightning, the book was out and deposited on the seat. Hah!

The trick to a succesful deposit is to walk away nonchalantly. Not doing so will cause people to be suspicious. These days, you’ve just gotta be careful.

And so as I walked away (nonchalantly), my heart was going thump-thump. I hoped somebody would pick up my book and take it home. And even better, tell me that he/she had found it.

Having released quite a few books, I wasn’t expecting a miracle. But this just goes to show, perseverance pays.

Mr R and I returned home post the afternoon Prom. And there, waiting for me in my inbox, was an email telling me my book had been found and the finder had made an entry on the website.

My first catch! Fabulous! Thank you, Brix of London! You made my day! Happy reading!

If you have books that you no longer want, give them to me! Or release them yourself. Go on, sharing is good!



One comment on “What a Catch!

  1. Came by your blog the usual hopping way.

    The book crossing concept is really interesting… shall keep a look out for runaway books and think I’ll release some of mine. Hope you come by one of them!

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