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If there was a choice between terrorists and these people…

…I’d rather deal with a terrorist.

Bihar boy’s eye gouged as parents refuse to vote

Friday, August 11, 2006 (Begusarai):

In a tale of horror, a 10-year-old boy in Begusarai in Bihar was attacked and his eye gouged out.
It was because his parents refused to cow down to the local panchayat heavyweight.

Young Ajit now can’t bear the pain anymore, days ago some men from his village gouged his eye out with a scythe.

“I was grazing buffalo then few people came and attacked me with some sharp weapon,” said Ajit.

“They pierced my son’s eye because I did not vote for their candidate in the panchayat elections. They had threatened me not to vote for the candidate I had chosen,” said Jago Devi, mother.

Ajit’s father, a poor labourer, can barely afford the treatment and the doctors have given them little hope.

“He was attacked by a sharp weapon. His cornea has been damaged whatever treatment I had to do, I have done. As far as his eyesight is concerned there is a remote possibility,” said Dr S S Chowdhary, eye specialist, Patna Medical College.

The men who allegedly attacked the 10-year-old are missing.

“We will abide by the law and punish the guilty,” said Shamim Ahmad, Station House Officer.

The police may or may not be able to find the men who attacked the child.

But Ajit will now have to spend the rest of his life paying the price because his parents stood up for rights that the poor and illiterate don’t have.
Source :NDTV.com


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