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Wilting at the Weekend: Catching up with the week gone by.

Aaah. I’m so glad the weekend has arrived (for me, it’s already begun).

What an exhausting week this has been. As temperatures soared to 36 C, we melted in the heat. With no air-conditioning in sight anywhere, little fans – table tops and hand fans came to the rescue. I’ve not had so much water in a long time!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday evening were spent dashing off to the Proms. This is my third year at the Albert Hall and I’m looking forward to it every year, which is a good thing 🙂

Nowhere else can you see a world class perfomance live just for £5, which is what we did on Tuesday watching the Glyndebourne Opera perform Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte, a comedy of errors that the movies have probably copied often. On the hottest day of the year, the hall was packed to capacity – hand fans furiously fanning what little air was in circulation inside.

But what a performance!! Even if you didn’t understand what they were saying (in Italian), the acting and the expressions were enough to tell you what was happening. I find watching live opera absolutely rivetting. Watching a recording somehow doesn’t grip me that much.

On Wednesday, Mr R and I were as close to the Queen as we’ll ever get. That evening, the Prom was a special one to commemorate Her Majesty’s 80th birthday celebration. QEII was present, (in a white dress with blue flowers and even in the heat, her white gloves) with Prince Philip. The concert premiered ‘A little birthday music’ with a choir of over 250 children. It was a lovely evening with a brilliant Clarinet Concerto that surely is very familiar to a lot of you. More about the program here.

The Queen came on stage after the interval to present this year’s Queen’s medal for music to Bryn Terfel, who responded cordially by singing My Little Welsh Home. What a voice!

The audience started an impromptu Happy Birthday after that which was picked up and echoed by different parts of the audience atleast thrice.

It’s always advantageous promming just a few feet away from the stage. Do it, atleast once, if you have a chance! Plus you get to be on telly 🙂

That was back breaking, though. Travelling in and out of London in that heat, standing for hours on end at the Proms and back to work after falling asleep past midnight most nights…I need a vacation.

Yesterday, I was at a course for charities on ‘Writing effective bids’. There, I met someone who volunteers with a charity called ‘Asha-Nepal’, a rescue organisation working with young girls in Nepal and Kamathipura in Mumbai. The volunteer was an elderly man, probably in his 60’s. He had stories to tell – some uplifting and encouraging, some expectedly distressing.

There are so many charities doing wonderful work, here in the UK and abroad. It’s amazing, how many people give their time, effort and own money to help others. Hope still survives.

Over the weekend, I’ve got an article deadline for the local paper, a Big Lottery application for the charity to contemplate (slice of a £25 million pie at stake), updating of Charity Matters, a weekend guest and tidying up of this neglected house to do.

And it will be done, IF I can get away from the window or the table fan.

Oh well. Let’s start with breakfast first.

And oh, Mr R will be singing at the Proms this year!!!! He will be part of a 500 strong choir at this Prom. How exciting!! Join us at the Albert Hall if you can! See you there.


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