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Blog Blockade : Update

Latest news : Blockade to be lifted in 48 hours.

See http://in.rediff.com/news/2006/jul/19blogs.htm

DoT has not explained why these sites need to be restricted from viewing by Indians. Amitabh Singhal said the ISPs were not in favour of Internet censorship, but were bound by terms and conditions of the license granted to them by the government.


1. www .hinduunity.org
2. mypetjawa.mu.nu
3. pajamaeditors.blogspot.com
4. exposingtheleft.blogspot.com
5. thepiratescove.us
6. commonfolkcommonsense.blogspo t.com
7. bamapachyderm.com
8. princesskimberley.blogspot.com
9. merrimusings.typepad.com
10. mackers-world.com
11. http://www.dalistan.org
12. www .hinduhumanrights.org/hindufocus.html
13. www .nndh.com
14. bloodroyaltriped.com
15. imagesearchyahoo.com
16. www .imamali8.com
17. www .rahulyadav.com

None of the sites seem to possess any direct security threat to India, or have any connection with the recent Mumbai blasts. Even more bizarre are the blogs sought to be blocked. ‘Princess Kimberley’ is a defunct blog with just two postings in 2004 about an American teenager’s depressing life. ‘Commonfolk Commonsense’ is a Chinese language blog, while ‘Exposing the Left’ is written by someone in Southern Illinois!


One comment on “Blog Blockade : Update

  1. It’s a sad day when a government thinks it can stop all terrorism by impinging on a personal arena such as blogging. Just shows their misguided aim!

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