The curse of the call centres-2

This afternoon 13:30

Tring Tring

Me : Hello?

Caller (Immediately identifiable as a Call centre caller in India with a fake accent)

Caller : Hello? Are you the registered owner of this BT telephone number XXXXXX?

Me : May I ask who’s calling?

Caller: Good afternoon Ma’am. My name is Sandy and I’m calling from Toucan Telecom.Are you the registered owner of this BT Telephone number?

Me : Yes. What is this about?

Caller : I’m calling in regard to an article in the Daily Mail regarding BT’s services and Toucan Telecom (or something like that). We have an offer…

Me : I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in any offers at this time.

Caller (Upset): May I ask why you are not interested?

Me : I’m not under any obligation to answer your questions! This is an unsolicited phone call. Thank you for calling but I’m not interested.

Caller (Agitated and then rude): I’d like to know why you …

Me : Look. Thank you for calling , but I’m not interested…

Caller (Starts raising his voice)

Me (Bang the phone down)

This is a typical scenario – happens often and is very annoying. At one level, you know that the caller is sitting at a call centre somewhere in India trying to earn a living. The training covers their fake accents but does not extend to politeness. Is the person at the other end obliged to have a conversation?!

I’ve complained to Toucan Telecom and asked to be taken off their list. Have also registered with a service that takes your number off other people’s lists.

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3 comments on “The curse of the call centres-2

  1. Happened to us too, today! Maybe it was the same person. Husband told him the whole family had just got new contracts and the caller got desperate saying, “what about your friends?”

  2. I hate call centre wallahs – have no sympathy especially for the overly persistant ones…..being firm but polite would get them a longer way than the usual current tone. I like being at work now so I miss all the random call centre calls that make the phone go off all day long!

  3. I used to be nice earlier, thinking of all the hardworking youngsters in the gleaming buildings lining the suburbs of Mumbai. These days, I am nice to begin with, then it gets annoying and I refuse to be spoken to rudely by anyone – let alone a fellow Indian pretending to be English. Don’t these guys have a supervisor overseeing their calls? And who trains them to speak like this?!

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