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News: The Expected and The Shocking.

So, what was the outcome of the PWD’s ‘training’ visit to Goa to learn how Panaji manages it’s flood control system?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

Because the entire department was in Goa, they forgot to clean the gutters and cover up manholes. As a result, the first showers brought chaos. Four more months to go.

We’ve often seen BEST bus drivers or motormen being beaten up if they run over somebody or cause an accident. Maybe it’s time the BMC and PWD also got a taste of the same medicine. I’m not an advocate of violence, but reading these reports makes me feel that way.

And I’m not even there.

Most of you probably share the same feelings. Some have packed up, ready to leave at the first warning signs. There’s only so much one can take.

It gets curiouser and curiouser.

Breaking news on NDTV tells me that Pramod Mahajan’s secretary Vivek Moitra is dead and his son, Rahul was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Delhi, unconscious.

Two packets of a white powder (suspected cocaine) were apparently found in Rahul’s pockets along with glasses of champagne. Apparently 3 men joined Rahul and Moitra at about 12.30 am last night and left soon, but returned about 1 am. They left again soon after telling the staff that Rahul and Moitra were unwell.

Moitra was brought in DOA and Rahul is now on an ventilator.

Was it an overdose, or was it poisoning?

Weird, isn’t it?


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