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All that baggage…

Somewhere between Rome, India and Salzburg, I lost my will to blog. It’s a pity, because I was really enjoying it at one time. Maybe it’s just all that travelling – all those images, sounds and sights clutter my brain leaving no energy for the internet. I’ve lagged behind in my writing. Copious notes from my travels crowd my little notebooks, waiting to be sent to editors who I dream, are checking their inboxes impatiently just for my query letters.

Leading a life out of a suitcase is not as wonderful as it seems. There’s always the unpacking to consider!

In 7 weeks, we’ve been to three countries – 4 days in Rome, 3 weeks in India (Mumbai, Goa, Tarkarli) and now 3 days in Salzburg, Austria. Bank holidays take their toll.

Not that I’m complaining.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to be a traveller, not just a tourist. Never again will I be so young, energetic and a willing party to Mr R’s wish-list. These are the days to backpack and walk a million miles in a weekend.

With the holidays behind us for now (temporarily), it’s time to get back to sorting out the mountain of paperwork, junk mail and laundry that has taken over. Winter wear has been put into storage (for how long – 4 months?!) . The sun is shining brightly and 4 weeks remain till my race.

In two weeks time, my friend AR comes to stay with us for a fortnight. Her hubby AR joins us at the end of June. The World Cup will soon gain momentum with England’s first match in June and the Proms will take over our lives starting 14th July.

It is a busy life and I’m very grateful to have my days so full. Even on the days when I have nothing to do.

Who knows, I may even feel like writing again.


One comment on “All that baggage…

  1. Too bad – ‘losing the will to blog’.

    Hope you get back quickly, as your blog keeps me updated.

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