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365 ways to Change the World

On a recent visit to the Barbican to hear a tribute to Yehudi Menuhin, I found this fantastic book in the Farringdons bookshop there : Michael Norton’s 365 ways to change the world is full of ideas – sensible and very practical things that you and I could do to make a difference. It’s the kind of book I should have written – given that at any time, I have over ten suggestions on how things can be improved 🙂 Maybe in 2010…

Anyway, I have been inspired. Mr R’s been reading the book and has been very pleased that he’s already doing a lot of the things mentioned. Are you?

I will start adding the relevant entry for the day from the book onto this blog. Who knows, somebody somewhere might read it and think it’s a great idea. And the world he/she lives in will never be the same again.

That person might be You.
From 365 ways to change the world: March 9

Down with Tobacco

Tobacco is the cause of 1 in 10 deaths worldwide (around 5 million people a year), and this is projected to double by 2020 if current smoking trends continue. Half those who smoke today (around 650 million peopl) will be killed by tobacco.

On National No Smoking Day

  • If you’re a smoker, give up.
  • Be a pain in the bum. Tell everyone you know who smokes, and any smoker whose smoke is curling into your face how harmful smoking is to them, and how unpleasant and dangerous to those around them.
  • Download information on smoking and pregnancy. Hand this out to friends and colleagues who are or intend to become pregnant. You’ll be giving a baby a better chance of good health.
  • Talk to the manager in bars and restuarants about providing smoke-free zones if these aren’t yet provided (Three cheers for the UK government here!)

No Smoking Day is the second Wednesday in March.


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One comment on “365 ways to Change the World

  1. I agree, but I’ve found being a pain in the bum with smokers just doesn’t work. They get defensive and defend the right to smoke as a civil liberty.

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