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Watching a house sleep

I walk through the house
listening to it
prepare for the night.

The road outside is quiet
in the gently falling rain.
Curtains drawn, the living room
fades into silence; the chatter of
the telly stopped.
I listen to the laptop
shutting down,
the familiar whirrs and buzzes
coming to a halt; there’s one final
beep before it says goodnight.

The rain falls on
the kitchen skylight; it sounds
like hail in the quiet night.
The dishes are all cleaned and
tucked away, awaiting the

Walking into the darkened bedroom, I hear
you trying to breathe, your
fevered sinuses trying
to cope with this seemingly unending flu.
I run a hand over your warm
forehead, imagining my touch will
take away the warmth.

I hear water gurgling through
some pipes somewhere
and then
it is silence.

The house is asleep.

My turn now.

The advantages of always having a notebook by your side. This was written at 11.30 pm in complete darkness. Moving out of bed might have woken Mr R up from his fevered sleep, so I resorted to scribbling with a pencil – it’s surprising how loud the click of a pen sounds in complete and utter silence.

If you keep a steady hand and follow the page, it is amazing how you can write without scribbling over other words in the dark! Takes a bit of deciphering the next morning , but atleast the words aren’t lost, along with your dreams. Try it!


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