No joy on this page


The first day of Spring was officially here yesterday, but you can tell by this news report that we are yet to feel the joy that usually comes with this announcement.

I have just finished the HP & the HBP book with great reluctance. Now I’m upset at the way things have come to pass. This was most unexpected. It shouldn’t be like this! Something tells me things will have to get better in Book 7 (due for release on July 7, 2007). Oh, why did things have to be so bad?!

I loved this one. I think this was my favorite of the series so far. There were twists and turns so unexpected at some places that I often gasped! Silently, of course, so as to not alarm Mr R!
Some revelations caught me off-guard – not what I had imagined or predicted.

I began the second last chapter as soon as I woke this morning, took the book with me to the loo, shared my breakfast with some pages and managed to tear myself away around 9.35 because I was surely going to miss my once-in-an-hour bus up the other hill. Wish I was able to apparate instead.

I almost wish I had taken my time to come back home, so I could have postponed reading the final chapter. Not what I expected. Not at all.

JKR should have been kinder to her readers. If I’m feeling so bad, what about the (much) younger ones?!

Picked up this one from mumbaigirl about the Jessica Lall case, and the usual miscarriage of justice. If it bothers you, then sign up for this petition by NDTV (see right hand corner of the NDTV page), to be taken to the President. I have no doubt though, that justice will not prevail. Call me cynical. Or agree with me. When politicians, policemen and lawyers are involved together, money is more likely to talk than Liberty’s scales. Add to that witnesses who should know better, but turn ‘hostile’ anyway and you have a hotch-potch that is reflected throughout the system. So what’s new?

Sign up anyway. Maybe a million signatures will help tilt the scales. Who knows?

This may be a good time to use Legilimens. Maybe one should tell the Delhi police that. Ppfft.


2 comments on “No joy on this page

  1. And yesterday was officially the first day of summer here…waaahhhhhh 😦

  2. Hey MW,

    I simply adore the Harry Potter books, so much so – I have the entire series! I too enjoyed the last book and think it’s by far the best of the lot. I know how depressed I was at the end of the book and am waiting eagerly for the 7th edition. 2007 seems tooooooo long away…

    You should check out the ‘Lord of the rings’ book. I simply loved it! Just couldnt put it down…

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