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Poetry in motion

Another Tuesday well spent. That it was V-day was just a coincidence 🙂

Mr R had spent the day at home, recovering from mild conjunctivitis. That effectively ruled out looking into his eyes, but since I was at work, that was fine.

We stayed off the V-day bandwagon, though we did continue with a tradition that we’ve begun and gave each other (very) creative handmade cards. What fun it is to surreptiously make a card while your better half is at work or not at home. What fun to come up with a spectacular idea in the middle of something and you just wait for him to leave home so you can get down to putting it on paper. On some days, I feel the excitement of childhood!

Anyway, once Mr R and I got over our wonderful cards, we headed down the hill for a quick meal and then to a wonderful performance of Swan Lake by the Moscow City Ballet.

Although I’ve seen ballet on the small screen before, this was my first live experience. And boy, was it an experience! Ballet, I’ve suddenly realised, is Mime with Dance. It looks very different on tv. In a live performance, except for the orchestra and the enthusiastic applause of the audience, the only sound is that of the dancers feet hitting the floor post a swirl or a leap. There is a technical term for that too (see here for some idea), but we’ll leave that for another post.

I was delighted with the grace and elegance of the dancers and oh, so thin! Not an ounce of fat anywhere on anybody. Sigh. Some of the girls were thin enough that their rib cage was showing – now that I don’t envy.The costumes were gorgeous and I especially loved the Oriental ballerina who did a Spanish routine in the middle of the performance. She was resplendent in a red costume and a flower in a hair. That was a refreshing change from the Russian princess look-alike’s that the others were destined for.

Our almost-front-row seats gave me a closer look at those shoes. First of all, they are not pointy! The women’s shoes are oblong with a flat padded front that lets them do all those difficult poses on their toes. The men wear flatter shoes with a bit of a rounded toe.

It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad we went to see this.


One comment on “Poetry in motion

  1. This comment isn’t related to the current blog,but is about the winter olympics and two of its defining moments, if you haven’t seen them already.




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