Spot the Difference

July 2005
Candid Camera
I love this picture taken by Mr R, at Hughenden Manor grounds, home of Benjamin Disraeli. It’s the height of ‘summer’. The sun is shining and and it is reasonably warm. The trees are in leaf. It’s a glorious place to walk – acres and acres of parkland, dotted with sheep, dog-lovers enjoying the sunshine or just people out for a walk. Being very close to where we live, the grounds are a good place to go for a walk anytime of the year.

This pic was taken when I sat down and read (take every opportunity when you have a book with you!), waiting for Mr R to catch up with me. He was busy experimenting with his camera. There certainly was enough around to inspire a zillion shots.
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7 comments on “Spot the Difference

  1. That’s a beautiful picture!

  2. Hey,

    The pic is nice. I can feel the chill in my bones.

    Is it you, by the way?



  3. Yup. Very much me.

    Mr R, for once, focussed on his wife instead of artistic shots of leaves and landscapes 🙂 Why look at nature when he has such inspiration right in front of him? That’s what I tell him anyway…

  4. I agree with the ‘always have a book’ theory. Always.

    A book helps make the cold feel warm, the tube feel less crowded and the boring conversations easier to ignore.

  5. Lovely photos. The fact that you were able to sit down even for wo mins outside in January is admirabe. But the sun is out today!

  6. Mr R & I are living our days out in the UK as travellers and tourists. We try and make the most of our time here, come what weather. Some days it’s not a very good philosophy to follow, but I’m usually in a good mood on weekends, so I’m more than willing to tag along – whether its for a walk by the Thames in one degree temperature or visiting friends hundreds of miles away.

    Some day when we are a lot older and maybe wiser, we’ll look back on these days and wonder how we did it. Till then though, weekends are meant to be spent out 🙂

  7. Hi Mumbai girl,

    Read your post on my blog. Thanks. The poem did disturb me and that’s why I wrote a long reaction.

    Somehow, I don’t see any respite from the vicious grip that corruption is having on us in India.

    Have a great time in the UK.



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