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Waxing and Whaling

I had my first ever eyebrow wax today.

For a change,I booked an appointment with a salon I had not been to yet. For the past year, I have been going to a salon run by a Brit Punjabi family, to have my eyebrows threaded. My hair I wisely chose to cut elsewhere. Now, female readers will know how important having neat eyebrows is – it can make all the difference to your appearance. In India, threading is the universally accepted medium for eyebrows and not many parlours offer eyebrow waxing.

The threading here, was fine. It was the relentless conversation-making and answering personal questions that put me off. What does your husband do? Where do you live? No children? How much do you get paid? The questions are peppered with friendly, well meaning advice and pearls of wisdom. Some things never change.

Today’s experience then, was a welcome relief. It cost me the same £4, but for that money, I got quick, efficient, yet friendly service. Waxing was less painful than threading and the end result was a lot neater and cleaner. I am pleased. And I will certainly be going back again.

It’s Tax Return time and I needed to get my act in order to avoid paying a possible penalty of £100. So I dropped into the local Tax Office after my eyebrow wax to check if I needed to file my self-assessment papers before the end of this month. Fortunately, since I’ve only started work about 6 months ago, as self-employed, my forms will be sent to me sometime in April. Whoo! That’s a relief.

It’s 5 pm and I’m back home. Since it’s Tuesday, I’m having lunch. It’s cold outside and the Russian weather seems to be heading this way. Earlier, Mr R and I were thinking about that poor whale that died in the Thames and he likens it to King Kong and how they both must have been terrified with all the activity around them. I believe that the whale died of terror. The injuries it had did complicate matters, but to see the boats, people and all that noise must have given it a heart attack. Fear can kill, can’t it?

Oh well, it’s Tuesday again and time for a run. Brrrr.


One comment on “Waxing and Whaling

  1. I was supposed to get my forms in April too but they are insisting I pay my taxes now. For six months worth of work…OR ELSE they will fine me.

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