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I’ve got a sunshine S-M-I-L-E

SUNSHINE! Glorious, blinding sunshine! It’s the first non-gray, non-gloomy morning I have seen since we got back. It’s bitterly cold, of course. But from the warmth of my house, I can admire the trees swaying in the blustery wind.

We’re having repair work in the bathroom and the friendly plumber has just been telling me about his dog – a collie that was abandoned and picked up by a family friend. It took them a year to nourish the dog back to health and now he’s “gorgeous”. The English and their pets. That’s another post altogether.

Friday mornings are when I usually get some serious writing done. Even with the sound of the drill five feet away, I’ve submitted a poem for consideration to one of the oldest women’s magazines (est. 1911) in England. Good thing I took the trouble to look up the editor’s name on the website. She’s changed since the last print issue I’ve got.

Time to make a quick lunch, thanks to a recipe from mum. Prawn chilli fry on the menu; fingers crossed that it’s edible 🙂


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