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Week 2 – Mumbai/Goa

With Mr R safely in Goa enjoying a week’s respite from me, I set off rediscovering the life I had left behind – autorickshaws, walking on half dug roads, Christmas lights on trees lining the road, catching up with friends and family, jumping in and out of trains and running at breakneck speed to get to the airport on a deadline (a story for another post).

Christmas eve dawned and I set off for my 12 pm Kingfisher flight to Goa to spend Xmas/NY with Mr R and the family. Eight hours later, I was still at the airport, waiting for an aircraft that never took off from Delhi because of the fog. A passenger revolt later, the Goa bound passengers were put on a Bangalore bound aircraft that was unceremoniously diverted for us. The furious passengers were slightly mollified by Vijay Mallaya’s appearance on board to apologize for the delay. The damage was done though. After spending eight hours or more in a crowded terminal with no facilities and no information from the airports/airline, all the passengers wanted to do was get to Goa and pick up the pieces of their Xmas Eve plans. We landed in Goa at about 9.30 pm – 8 1/2 hours behind schedule. A fine start to the festivities.

The rest of the Christmas week went by in a blur – weddings, guests, quick trips to nearby beaches (Bambolim/Uttorda) for a swim, a visit to a restored Portuguese house, a delightful book reading by William Dalrymple at an interesting bookshop in Calangute, two movies at the Inox in Panjim (Ek Ajnabee : A fine performance by AB, but too violent in places; and Chicken Little – definitely a kids film all the way.), a new year’s eve party preceded by a sail, where we bid adieu to the year along with a school of dolphins…

The Beach at Uttorda…

The last sunset of 2005…


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