Going Underground

While researching for a new article, I came across this very interesting site on London’s tube network. Take a look at www.going-underground.net. It is a delightful compilation of facts, legends and urban myths about this popular British institution.

Look for some very funny posters, pictures and drivers announcements throughout the site. It’s great!

If you have ever lost a picture of yourself in London, take a look at http://www.isthisyou.co.uk/. Maybe you’ll see your photo or one of someone you know!!


2 comments on “Going Underground

  1. On the subject of lost/discarded photos, a must see movie that touches this subject, is “Amelie”.
    Its a beautiful movie about this charming french girl. One of the many different story threads, is how she falls in love with this guy who makes an album of discarded photographs found at the self photo booths at French Subways station.
    There is also a cute puzzle of a guy’s discarded photos that are found at a number of photo booths, who Amelie thinks is a lost soul communicating; he actually turns out to be ….. see the movie. You and Mr.R will like this one, even though its in french.

  2. Yes! We have the DVD at home and it was great fun to watch. It’s an unusual offbeat movie, but very entertaining. Mr R has good taste 🙂

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