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A touch of Frost

It’s our first morning of frost today.

Mr. R left for work this morning only to find the car windows frozen with ice. Getting the windows de-iced enough to be able to drive delayed him a bit. To think that this will be a daily task and will steadily get worse…

The kitchen clock tells me that the temperature is 9.9 Deg C while the clock next to the laptop says 17 Deg C. That’s minimum and maximum, I guess. Maybe the thermometer’s frozen too.

Happy Monday everybody. Time to get to work.

For the past two weeks, we’ve had a hectic social life what with relatives on Mr.R’s side visiting. It has been a fun filled two weeks with people staying over and a gala concert (Mr R’s orchestra celebrated 10 years – we had 10 people rooting for Mr R in the audience : F’s parents from Spain, an Austrian penfriend of a friend and 7 people from all across the UK – Leeds, Shropshire and London).

It’s Christmas season and the carols are out in full swing. Our town Christmas lights will be lit on Thursday after a gala parade and entertainment in the town centre. It’s a lovely feeling listening to the old favorites everywhere you go – it’s like being in a sudden time warp. Christmas is that time of the year here that makes you nostalgic for good old days and prompts you to keep in touch with long lost family and friends. You even feel like being nice to your co-workers 🙂

If you can ignore the displays in shop windows and leave your wallet at home, you’ll be able to enjoy the ambience even more!


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