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Man in Space

I read this poem once and loved it. A man wrote it and I am surprised by his perceptiveness. There are few men who can see the things he talks about.

It’s really strange how two forms of one species can be SO different. Men and women must have originally come from separate planets – they couldn’t be from the same place. Between all the talk and the seemingly intelligent conversations, there is a whole world of unsaid things floating about. You can sense it yourself at home, at work, while you travel; all those speech bubbles above people’s heads, the conversations held back because so much more than lost words is at stake.

This is not about feminism, but about being aware of another’s feelings and emotions, while dealing with your own. It is hard work, but fortunately the human race has managed so far. It is not hard for a woman to imagine, however, a planet that is solely populated by her own kind. And if you leave your wicked imagination at the doorstep, maybe you might see the logic behind it too šŸ˜‰

Man in Space
by Billy Collins

All you have to do is listen to the way a man
sometimes talks to his wife at a table of people
and notice how intent he is on making his point
even though her lower lip is beginning to quiver,

and you will know why the women in science
fiction movies who inhabit a planet of their own
are not pictured making a salad or reading a magazine,
when the men from earth arrive in their rocket,

why they are always standing in a semicircle
with their arms folded, their bare legs set apart,
their breasts protected by hard metal disks.


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