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Mr.R’s cousin wrote in after reading my post about our Swiss trip and I thought I should include his comments here.

“As an fyi, some of your die hard swiss readers may be puzzled by your title, as Heidiland is the name of an actual place in GRAUBÜNDEN, a southern region of the country”

Thanks, M. I should have explained that in my post 🙂

I loved reading Joanne Spyri’s classic tale of this little mountain girl. I still have it tucked among other well worn books at home, covered in brown paper 🙂 Funnily, although we were not in Heidiland proper on our trip, every church steeple reminded me of the story (as I mentioned to Mr R when we were out there). For readers of the book, you will know what I mean. Heidi’s longing for the mountains of her home and grief when all she can see is other tall buildings, even from the highest point in the city (the church steeple), is heartbreaking. I remember watching an animated Japanese version of the story with my mum many years ago on telly. It was wonderful!

And cousin M, the Rolex’s were not to our taste (too flashy!), the chocolates and cheese yummy and the teddy bears simply funny! We had a good time even though the ‘banks’ of Zurich were overflowing – with water and not money unfortunately. He, he that was a good pun 😉


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