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A long story of days gone by

It has been 7 days since my last post, which means that my days are busier than they should be.

Waning summer days somehow seemed to be packed with activities, taking advantage of the sun while it’s still visible (not this morning, though). We’ve had some gloriously warm days, and it is a shame to spend it indoors.

Even with work taking up most of our time, Mr.R and I manage to pack in quite a bit in our post-work time, which is very good. We go for runs and walks, drives and photo-sprees. In a little village five minutes away from here, we found weekend polo matches open to visitors; we’ve been there twice already, admiring the horses and revelling in the picturesque setting. Our library books have multiplied on the shelves and we can never complain of not having anything to read.

We were invited to a wedding on Saturday; Mr.R and the church choir sang for the mass, which was solemn and full of quiet dignity. I was subtly comparing it to my wedding mass, which had the photo/videographer running around (despite strict instructions), lights, camera and action! It was charming in its own way, but in another world, if I could do it again, I would have had a quieter, smaller wedding. Perhaps, for our silver anniversary, Mr.R and I could elope…

I wore a saree for the wedding. Mr.R was right. It gave me an edge over the gowns, the smart suits and the hats. We were invited to the house for drinks after the service and we spent the afternoon standing in lush lawns, chatting with the bride’s mother (who abandoned her guests and stayed with us for a long time!) and admiring the unhurried-ness, the simple, elegant tables, the home-made cake decorated with strawberries and wild berries from the trees on the property. It was an English wedding the way it’s shown in movies.

The weekend was spent with H&F who spent Saturday night with us and then we tagged along with them to London where they were to meet friends. We spent the evening in Hyde Park watching some fantastic roller blading and it was hard to drag H from there – he was mesmerised. I think we are going to see some great pictures of this weekend, with our two professional cameras (Mr.R’s Canon and H’s Nikon). Can’t wait!

Hope you had a good week too and life has been kind to you. Monday morning is upon us again and the weather outside (dark, gloomy, cloudy) mirrors the feelings one has at the end of the weekend! Anyway, in four days time, it’ll be the weekend again, so that’s something to look forward to! In the meantime, it’s back to work!

Happy Birthday, Fr. Rupak!


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