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A goodbye to July

What a month this has been.

So far, the twenty nine days that have gone by have seen bombs, the first suicide attacks on the UK, destruction of life and property, unprecedented rain in Mumbai, bombings in the Middle East, panic and mayhem around London as police chase anybody suspicious (read ‘who looks Asian’), terrorists in our neighborhoods, tornadoes in unsuspecting places and as the Beeb informs me at this very moment, two bombs have just gone off on the motorway in Spain. Sigh.

Atleast the IRA has publicly put down arms. Wonder where all those guns will go now…

The four suspects in last week’s attempted bombing have been arrested. One in Birmingham, two in a Notting Hill raid this morning and one in Rome hiding with his brother. I just can’t help marvel at how they traced these guys among millions. And so quickly too. Now if only they can do something similar for Dawood and all the Chota’s floating around… Scotland Yard, any ideas?

So, Mumbai’s limping back to normal today. My first monsoon away from the city and I seem to be lucky to have escaped the harrowing days of rain and flooding. My sis, like so many of you, spent the night in the office. A fine tale to tell the grandchildren, but not funny when it actually happens. I shudder at the thought of what the city must look like now. Every year we have the annual flooding, but it has never been so bad. I hope you are all okay and reached home safely without any trouble. I hope the power is back completely and that the phone and internet lines are working fine. I hope you never see another day like that in your lifetime.

Mr.R and I are off to London for the weekend tomorrow. He’s keen on a full session of the Violins at the Prom tomorrow, so we have booked a B&B at Hyde Park – we can just walk back from the Albert Hall after the concert and fall asleep, instead of trudging back home running for the last train. I hope the weekend is incident-free. There are no guarantees these days. Pray for us.

Update on Monday! By then we should be safely in August and hope the madness is on decline. See you then and take care.


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