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So, threatening myself works.

Article finished and submitted in record time after last post on blog. Must send out some more queries though. Seems such a waste of talent to just let the words stay in my head šŸ˜‰

My writing (and running) output has dramatically decreased after I’ve started work about 3 weeks ago. I worked and travelled much, much harder back home, but the sense of exhaustion and tiredness at the end of the day is still very much there – all you want to do is crash and sleep like Rip Van Winkle. I think that my tiredness comes from the fact that I get bored very easily when there’s someone else making the decisions. I’ve realised long ago that working for someone else is never going to make me completely happy – I find it hard not to question decisions or reserve comments. I know that if I had been running a charity or a similar organisation, I would go all out to make the public know that we existed. And I would be good at it. (Hmmm, maybe that’s my calling in life!) There are ways to do publicity/fundraising without spending any money at all. Bemoaning the lack of funds or non-cooperation of other people isn’t the solution. That applies to here or at home. It’s the same story. But well, what do I know….

It’s time to leave for work. Have rustled up a pasta and pepper lunch for myself (Mum, don’t look so amazed!). Makes a change from the sandwiches and fruit menu. Hope you have a yummy lunch too. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!


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