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Procrastination is a very bad word.

Writers Block is a funny thing. I have an article to complete and I’ve already delayed enough. I started it with enough gusto, send out ‘queries’ (a sort of ‘hook’ with a summary of the proposed article) to a couple of magazines and last week, I was asked to submit the complete piece. Now, most queries are sent for incomplete articles because writers serious about their work will not waste time researching and completing an article if there is no market for it (Or so the experts say.) Anyway, the point is, (sheepish look on face here) I’ve kinda lost interest in the article! Since the time I sent in the query and received the response (about 6 weeks), I’ve lost the plot of the whole thing. It should be relatively easy, because the topic is simple. But it bores me. I’m committed to finishing it now, and while I fill in the minutes surfing the net, updating my blog, trimming my nails I tell myself that I’m looking for ideas/inspiration when really, all I’m doing is procrastinating. Very bad.

Lesson for today, therefore is that when you have an idea for an article, complete it even if you don’t have someone asking for it – atleast have an outline!

Back to work then. No more blogging till this is done!


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