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Thunder on a Tuesday

It’s the end of a dreary, wet, gloomy Tuesday. Darkness has fallen as Mr.R and I spend our evening grocery shopping, watching ’40 one-time-hit-wonders’ on VH1 Classic and rustling up Palak Paneer and Naans for dinner. I’m working on an article that I’ve been asked to send in by a women’s magazine, trying hard to ignore Mr.R’s attempts to dance the Macarena (No.13). His antics distract me from my sombre article and I mentally give up, choosing to laugh at/with him. Several familar songs later, the end is near. No. 2 on the countdown is Jennifer Rush with ‘ The Power of Love’ and Berlin takes pride of place at No.1 with ‘Take my breath away’. How these songs bring back memories of school days!! I remember watching the videos, collecting the lyrics and hoarding the ‘song books’ and posters! Am I glad that phase is over!

It’s 23.13 and Mr.R has given up his antics for now, sensibly choosing to pick up a book or sleep instead. Tomorrow’s a Wednesday, my favorite day of the week. Tomorrow, the IOC decision on the 2012 Olympics happens. Fingers crossed for London.

I hope you have a bright, sunny day. Looking forward to some sunshine here too. To family,friends, in-laws and neighbours: Send some our way if you have an excess of it! We need it! 🙂


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