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Murder and Mayhem in the living room (Not ours!)

Last night we went to see ‘Dial M for murder’ being staged at our local theatre. This theatrical version of the Hitchcock movie was mostly fun to watch – I was trying to stay ahead of the story, having a vague sense of the plot having seen the movie ages ago and also ‘A Perfect Murder’ , a 1998 remake starring Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow. But it was only a faint recollection.I could see Douglas and Paltrow in my minds eye pretending to be lovey-dovey when he’s really plotting against her. I remembered the issue of the ‘keys’ was significant in this whole mess, but then at some point I gave up and sat back to enjoy the play. The characters were played by television actors and atleast one (Joy Brook playing ‘Sheila’ also stars in ‘Peak Practice’ a medical drama based in the Peak District up North) was a familiar face. I was quite tired by the end of it though, and the suddenly cold auditorium/ drop in temperature due to rain, didn’t help keep me awake. I must have dozed off occasionally and I hope no one noticed!! Mr.R stayed awake throughout the show,though and enjoyed it thoroughly.

A quick dinner at the Noodle Bar and we came back home for a well deserved weekend break ahead.


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