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A day at the races (Raft race,i.e!)

We spent the weekend with friends up north in Shropshire. This morning they took part in an annual raft race down Severn River, from the starting point floating under Iron Bridge (the world’s first cast iron bridge) ending at Bridgnorth. The race itself took participants about 5 hours of strenous (or just moving with the tide) rowing. Mr.R and I stayed on the bank, content to watch, enjoy the sunshine (a HOT 32 deg C) and take pictures with a multitude of cameras, camcorders and disposable cameras.

The people on the bank (and on the bridge) kept themselves entertained by chucking water balloons and um, eggs at the (not so hapless) participants. The rafters, with years of experience of the egg chucking, had come prepared. Many rafts had generators and hose pipes to defend themselves. The water jets also came in handy to slow down other rafts, all in good fun, since it wasn’t meant to be a race. Some rafts also came prepared with eggs. One very very aggressive bunch of Pirates took things to the extreme. They first chucked water tamely at pedestrians, and then lost it when they decided to turn things up a notch. The eggs came flying out, hitting people, who squealed and ran away laughing. That didn’t satisfy them, so they turned up the heat. They actually brought the raft upto the bank, disembarked and chased passers-by with buckets of water!!! Children who were throwing water balloons at them had to run for their lives, as did all of us! It was hilarious and the drenching and egg chucking all taken in good spirits. I hope they sank, after all their antics!

In all, even with the heat and the eggs, it was a fun weekend. Mr.R even got to go to a reunion of GMC alumni in Telford, which was very close to where we were staying. A long 3 hour drive later, we are back home and Monday lies ahead.

Hope you had a good weekend too. Makes the week more agreeable.

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The plaque at the Iron Bridge


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