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Good tidingsl……..

Mr.R and I have completed five whole months of being married to each other. Time does go by quickly. It doesn’t seem like just a few months have passed. Funny, isn’t it….how your sense of time changes….. When you are at work or doing something you don’t particularly enjoy, each minute is a sentence. But when you’re with people you like or love, time just flies…..

I hope the rest of our lives will also be like these five months. Fingers crossed.


Good news does come in packages. Or in this case, in the post. Our passports came back from the Home Office, visas stamped and renewed without a hitch. Fantastic. Especially because we had our fingers crossed and we were half expecting me to be told to go back home to change my visa. Fortunately, the rules were not as rigid as they seemed to be online…. Woo hoo!


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