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Lost and Found : A letter to a new old friend

My dear long lost friend,

You called yesterday and left a message. Twice. Out of the the blue you emailed and called. I hadn’t heard from you for ages, ever since you left I think. You were gone even before that, lost in your own world or perhaps it was just me, pre-occupied with my life and work. Whatever the reason, we went our separate ways, our lives, our laughter, our plans for crazy-ever-after reduced to being shelved somewhere in our memory, the cobwebs allowed to grow.

Occasional emails back and forth didn’t do much to keep the spark alive. You had a new life in a new country;lots of things on your plate to handle.

And then you called. I was out and you left your messages. Out of the blue. To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. Yes, for a brief moment, I did wonder what was wrong. Was all well with you, I wondered?

You called back and we spoke. Picking up threads of something I had given up on. You remind me of our plans for the cafe/book shop we wanted to start Down Under, of all the plotting and scheming that once went into what we thought our Life Plan was going to be. As you see, destiny had other plans. We’re on the opposite side of the globe now. So the cafe/book shop is going to have to wait a while. Keep working on the menu though, for when has distance ever stopped us from trying?

It was good talking to you and I hope we can keep in touch.

A hi to the hubby.

Much Love,


One comment on “Lost and Found : A letter to a new old friend

  1. Well, the new old friend went to the site and read this…
    And how did I feel?
    A great sense of loss for a friendship lost for lack of nourishment and the factors of distance/ financial/ career/ health worries playing a big part.
    They say that a good friendship can pick up years later where the friends let off. Let’s put that urban legend to the test, shall we?

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